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Liverpool – manchester- UK & Destination weddings

I’m Rach. I’m Craft nerd, serial Netflix binging, tea-o-holic, peanut butter loving, music geek who loves to travel.

I’m also a kick-ass LIVERPOOL wedding photographer who loves quirky, relaxed couples who like to do things differently.

Finding your perfect wedding photographer is hard...

You’ve been looking for ages haven’t you? Looking all over Liverpool and the North West for an alternative wedding photographer who gets ‘YOU’. You want a fun, relaxed wedding day with no fuss. In fact, you’re not really planning a wedding. You’re planning the party to end all parties. You’re not into chair covers and fancy candelabras. You’re a little bit quirky, and want to plan your day, your way

The music, the food, the crazy dancing, the belly laughs and the fun. You want a bunch of awesome photos to record the day without the hours of boring group shots and cheesy poses, shot in a totally chilled out way. You want your wedding photographer to feel like a friend- less like a stuffy supplier, and more like a guest that takes cool photos!

You want to look back at your bloody brilliant wedding day and remember all the laughs, the emotions, the crazy antics and the beautiful moments over and over again. Does that sound like you? 

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I’m All About

Believing in magic

Planning your day, your way

Chocolate with everything

Bright coloured confetti

Crochet as therapy

Dreaming big

Creative Swearing

Happy tears

Dogs at weddings

The healing power of tea & cake

Girl Power

The Bucket List

Is your wedding on my must shoot list? There’s a juicy discount in it for you if it is!







You’ll know I’m the photographer for you if…


  • You are planning a fun, relaxed wedding, with all the people you love the most.
  • You’ve planned your day, your way– who cares about rules and tradition?
  • You’re a little bit sentimental, and know that you want photos with soul.
  • You love colour– the bolder the better!
  • You’ve spent more time choosing the food, music and vibe of your wedding than anything else
  • You don’t want to stand around posing– that’ll just spoil the party!
  • You like cats/ dogs more than most people
  • You want your photographer to be more like a friend than a supplier (though with mad ninja photo skills, obv.)READ MORE ABOUT ME HERE!
I’m based in Liverpool, but I cover weddings all over the UK, as well as Destination Weddings all over the world. I LOVE to travel,  (it’s my favourite!) so I’m always willing to pack a bag and hop on a plane or train! 

If you LOVE what I do and want to check if I’m available, go ahead and holler at me here. If I’m free, I’ll send you a copy of my shiny new 2020/2021 brochure, and then we can have a good old chat about your plans! So that I can guarantee the best possible service for my couples, I only take on a limited number of weddings per year, so do get in touch ASAP!

Whether you’re planning a cool city wedding, a tipi wedding in a field or even the tiniest elopement in a simple town hall- I want to hear from you. I’m a big fan of couples who want to stick an almighty finger up at tradition, and be totally themselves in their wedding planning. YOU DO YOU, BOO!

No posing or pretending. No pomp and circumstance. Just fun. So if you’re all about partying like it 1999, chest bumps and necking champagne from the bottle on your wedding day,,,, 

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