About Rachel Burt Photography

The first and most important thing that you need to know, it that I am both a cat AND dog person. In fact I probably like animals more than people. If you include your pets in your wedding, they will get photographed. A LOT. 

I live with my husband, our two gorgeous children, James and Amelia, a mad dog called Daisy and our two over-affectionate cats called Charley and Lucie (That’s them up there!). We live in sunny Southport in Merseyside.

I’ve always been a creative type, studying Contemporary Applied Arts, and embarking on a career in Textiles, before spending many years teaching. I first picked up a camera to photograph my yummy little brood, but got ‘hooked’ on capturing the joy on people’s faces. There’s no more joy anywhere than a wedding day, so weddings are my happy place. My husband bought me my first ‘proper’ camera (along with an uncharacteristically romantic post-it note stating “My best investment x”, and the rest, as they say, is history!

I am a Harry Potter OBSESSIVE and almost constant re-read the novels. My favourite book changes like the wind, but at the moment it’s “Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire”. I would be a Ravenclaw (obviously) and I NEED a cat like Crookshanks in my life.

I believe in the power of dancing it out (Grey’s Anatomy is my guilty pleasure), honesty, kindness and always doing YOU. I love laughter- proper belly laughing, double chins everywhere, laughing til it hurts kind of laughter. I’m totally sentimental, and happy-cry at the drop of a hat. I WILL cry at something at your wedding, its pretty much guaranteed. 

So what do I do? My photography generally has a colourful, fun, documentary style with a touch of quirkiness – I love to capture the joy and fun of the day with candid, unposed shots rather than concentrating on too many family formals. The crazy moments in a wedding are the holy grail- I want you to look back on your wedding and belly-laugh at the moments I’ve managed to capture!

Its such a massive hounour to be invited into a family; welcomed in by an awesome couple on one of the biggest days of their life, and be able to peek inside your life, just for a moment. I was hooked on wedding photography from the minute I first tried it, and feel genuine butterflies every time I get to play at a wedding for the day. I would love the next one to be yours!


Things I love…


I have a proper case of wanderlust. The whole bloody world is on my bucket list, but my next great travel plans include Japan, Lapland and Santorini. My heart lies half in Italy, and half in New York City. 


I love food. In fact I live for food. Whenever I travel, its the thing I love them most- trying new foods and wines. But the absolute food of the gods? Peanut Butter. I would eat it morning, noon and night if I could. 


Absolutely not just for Grannies. I am a craft nerd and crochet, knitting and sewing are my therapy. I love DIY weddings and am likely to get very excited about your crafty plans and handmade goodies!


I’m a total music geek. I LOVE a festival (and a festival wedding!) and get a bit too excited when I find a new band to love. I especially love 90’s indie and rock, and though a miss a good old fashioned mixtape, Spotify is life. 


I have a serious Netflix addiction. I love nothing more than a lazy Sunday afternoon binge watching an epic TV series. Currently watching: Brooklyn Nine Nine, anything with Tom Hardy in it, and rewatching Peaky Blinders. 


It has to be strong, it has to be Yorkshire (you can tek the lass outta Yorkshire, but you can’t tek Yorkshire outta the lass!), and it has to be in my favourite mug. One sugar please, and ideally with a biscuit or a nice slice of cake. 

You Are…

You’re a super-fun couple who are planning a wedding that is anything-but-traditional. You want to marry the love of your life, then have a big, relaxed party with all of your family and friends. You like what you like, and don’t care what anybody else thinks. You are planning a day which is full of fun, personality and quirky little details and are looking for a photographer to capture all of that in a super-chilled way. You hate posing for photos (it makes you cringe just thinking about it) and want your photographer to feel like a friend- not a stuffy supplier- more a guest that takes cool photos!

CURRENTLY: struggling to find a photographer who gets you…

I am…

I like to think I’m a fun, creative and relaxed photographer, capturing all the moments that make your day unique, quirky and a little bit different. I capture it all- laughter of family and friends, crazy drunken dancing, kids sliding across the dance floor on their knees, and bridesmaids taking selfies. I want to tell the true story of your Best Day Ever- you and your guests having an awesome party.  I try to disappear into the background, ninja-style, getting the sneaky shots whilst no-one is looking, whilst also being a super-fun and helpful friend on your wedding day.

CURRENTLY: excited to meet you both and get planning!

Myself and especially my partner were quite nervous about being photographed in public etc. but Rachel instantly made us feel at ease and relaxed as if she wasn’t there.

It was a lot of fun and we couldn’t be happier with the final outcome- so colourful and natural. We can’t wait to get framing the photos !!! Charlie & Alfie

Just a quick message to say thanks again for our amazing photos.

We have had so many compliments. I hope you get some pass on trade from us as I’ve told EVERYONE about you!

AMAZING. I love them all ♡ thank you so much xx Sophie & Adam

You captured the wedding day of Emma and Sean so beautifully. Your photos are STUNNING! You created an amazing overview of the day in a way the was just what the couple was after.

Thank you!!! I would highly recommend you to anyone who is seeking a momento of a special occasion. Emma & Sean

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