13 Alternative Things To Do On What Should Have Been Your Wedding Day

So, let’s not beat around the bush- it’s totally shit that you’ve had to postpone or cancel your wedding because of Covid-19. Totally shit. It must feel like an absolute kick in the nuts, and if it were me, I would have definitely had a Britney-circa-2007-style meltdown about it. And that’s totally fine! No feeling guilty for feeling it, y’hear? I’m sending you the biggest socially-distanced hugs ever, and my heart goes out to all of the couples who have had to postpone or cancel your wedding day. BUT- the day that should have been your wedding day; a day that you’d had marked in the diary to party hard and celebrate your love, is a day that should not go unnoticed. So here’s a list of 13 AMAZING alternative things you can do on what should have been your wedding day.

Make it a day to remember- no wallowing, just fun, and make some memories to tell your guests about when you finally get to party even harder in 2021. Oh, and if you do one of these, or something even more awesome, don’t forget to tell me all about it! Tag me on Facebook and Insta– I want to see all of your photos and videos! SO, here goes… 13 alternative ways to celebrate your would-be wedding day in style.


1) Get Crazy Stupid Drunk on your Wedding Champagne.

It would be a shame to waste it right? And since you don’t have to stand on ceremony on Lockdown, why not just neck it out of the bottle like this awesome bridesmaid?

2) Put on your Wedding Outfits

Just because the day isn’t going ahead, doesn’t mean you can’t look awesome. Why not put on your wedding outfits and party in the house? Or hold a big cocktail party on Zoom? Or even head out on your alloted daily exercise dressed to the nines and blasting wedding themed music on a portable speaker? I mean, you’ll get some funny looks, but who the hell cares?

3) Hold a Fake Ceremony

Get someone you’re isolating with, or a friend or family member on Zoom to officiate, create a fun contract, get your kids or pets to act as witnesses and get fake married! You could even frame the contract and display in on your new wedding day, along with some photos of the festivities.

4) Rewatch the first film you watched, or the first gig you saw together

If you don’t feel like a big display of public love, keep it quiet, snuggle on the sofa and get all romantic by watching the first film or gig you ever watched together –so long as you can remember what it is!

5) Hold a big Zoom party with all your guests!

No doubt you’ll be missing the loved ones you should have been able to hug and catch up with on the day. The next best socially distanced thing (and if you’re anything like me, the best way of staying sane) is to get everyone on Zoom, even your Nan, and party together virtually! You could even theme your virtual party, have a quiz about the two of you, have an itinerary of things to do planned or just have a good old catch up!

6) Make an Un-Wedding Day Spotify Playlist

Get your favourite loud and cheesy dance floor bangers on there, and dance like no-one (or everyone) is watching! Turn your living room or garden into the world’s best personal dance floor.

7) Make a Dance Routine or Music Video to your First Dance

This could be a super fun way to spend the day! Perfect for you TikTok obsessives. You have better share these, I want to see!

8) Recreate your First Date

Turn your Living Room into a Pub, your bedroom into a Cinema, or your garden into a restaurant. Get creative and see who can remember the most tiny details… what did you wear? What did you eat and drink? What did you chat about?

9) Do a Cake Cut!

Obviously this also involves buying or making a MASSIVE cake, and EATING THE WHOLE GLORIOUS THING. No guests no sharing. No guts, no glory. Bonus points for supporting a fabulous small business with your cake purchasing too!

10) Cook Your Wedding Breakfast Together

If you’re anything like me, you’ll have been salivating at the thought of your wedding day meal for a long time. So why not cook it together? It’ll be a fun experience (even if you’re no Mary Berry and it goes completely tits up!) and you’ll get some yummy food and a romantic meal at the end of it. And if it all goes really wrong, there’s always a takeaway!

11) Write some Un-Wedding Day Vows

So, your wedding day was going to be the day you pledged to love each other forever. Even if you’re not usually one for the sopppy stuff (I’m totally with you there, my pet name for my husband is “Knobhead”), spend a little time today writing down some things you love about each other, and share them. You could do this verbally or write them down on post its and leave them places for each other to find. A little bit of smushy love stuff is OK.

12) Get Your Guests to Record some Speeches!

So you’re probably missing your nearest and dearest madly right about now. I know I am. Why not ask them to record a little video speech for you? Sure, it might mean a few tears, but it hopefully will mean lots of love, laughter and warm fuzzies too.

13) Drink, Party & Have Fun!

Drink, sing, laugh and party like there’s no tomorrow… it’s as simple as that! Most of all have some fun, however you can, keeping in mind that when we can finally party together at your wedding, it will feel all the more incredible. You will party more, hug harder and laugh longer. And we will do it TOGETHER. I can’t flipping wait!!

So that’s that! Hopefully there’s something there that will make your would have been wedding day that little bit better. I’d absolutely love to see what you get up to! If you have another fab idea you’d love to share, let me know in the comments too. For more advice on Coronavirus and your wedding, see my blog post here.

Speak soon!

Rach xxx

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13 things to do on your would have been wedding day

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