The ‘Oh Shit! Kit’!- 15 Emergency Items to Pack for your Wedding Day

What is an ‘Oh Shit! Kit’?

Ok, so I go to A LOT of weddings… and, inevitably, at each of those weddings, there are little things that go wrong. Zips that get stuck, heels put through hems, broken nails, cut fingers… the list is endless. Generally, mild panic ensues and there is a little bit of chaos for a few minutes while everyone runs around like headless chickens looking for a solution. Well, not you. And do you know why? Because you’re not only super chilled, but because you are going to make yourself an ‘Oh Shit! Kit’. And what is an ‘Oh Shit! Kit’ I hear you ask? Well, it a little bag of tricks for those inevitable ‘Oh Shit!’ moments! I’ve taken all the guesswork out of the whole thing for you by writing a comprehensive list of all the tools and trinkets you might need to make sure your wedding morning is calm and stress free!

 What to pack in your ‘Oh Shit! Kit!’

1) Scissors

I can’t tell you how many times that scissors have been needed on the morning of a wedding. Most commonly, it’s to cut off labels- and usually people resort to using a lighter to burn it off instead, and I always worry they’re going to set their dress of fire!! Also useful for opening packets, trimming false eyelashes and a variety of other vital issues!

2) Nail Files

You don’t want a hangnail on your wedding day, catching on your dress, so make sure to pack some dinky nail files in your emergency stash! 

1) Beauty Top Ups

Quite often, your make-up artist will provide things like lipstick top-ups etc. but it’s always handy to bring make-up tops just in case… those little oil absorbing sheets are a godsend too! 

4) A Mini Sewing Kit (make sure it has safety pins in it too!)

 Great for everything from small repairs to stitching or pinning a bridesmaid into a dress with a broken zip! (Yes, I’ve done this on more than one occasion!)

5) Deodorant

For obvious reasons… no-one wants to be stinky on their wedding day! 

6) Tissues

To save those wedding day tears, or clean up spills!

7) Tampons

Because you never know when Mother Nature might be a little B. 

8) Paracetamol/Ibuprofen

Wedding day stresses, hangovers, twisted ankles… it’s a good idea to be prepared, just in case!

9) Tit Tape

Good, not only for saving your dignity, but also great for emergency hemming and garment repair! 

10) Plasters
11) Suncream & Anti Histamines (in the summer)
12) Granola Bars
13) Mints

To save stinky breath kisses… but also because we’ve all expereinced that dry mouth sensation when we’re feeling a little bit nervous!

14) Hairspray & Kirby Grips

Not so good for the environment, but hairspray is perfect for fixing hair and make-up emergencies, or stopping tights laddering!

15) Vodka!

 For obvious jitters-calming reasons… but also Vodka has a multitude of amazing uses! It can shine metals, take the sting out of bee stings and you know, it tastes pretty good! A legitimate reason to bring your favourite hip flask!

A No Stress Wedding Day…

So why am I writing this? Well, I hope that this info might help you relax, and chill out on your wedding day. No bridezillas, only bridechillas! If you have a little go-to emergency kit, you know that you can deal with any hiccups without stess and panic, and that can only be a good thing!!

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