About Me

Hey! I’m Rach.

<<< and i look a bit dopey on the other
side of the camera

So here’s the bit where i talk about me…

I’m a Yorkshire lass living by the sea in Southport with my bonkers brood- my husband Mike, who shares my love of craft beer, indie music and travelling every inch of this planet of ours; and our two crazy children James (my little scientist and Beatles obsessive) and Amelia (who’ll tell anyone that listens that she’s a strong, independent princess, and has sass to match).

I’m a bit animal mad- if you have animals at your wedding I can guarantee I’ll get a bit over excited and take far too many photos of them! We have a little menagerie of fellow weirdos too- Daisy, the neediest dog on the planet and my constant shadow, a grumpy boy cat called Charley who insists on sleeping on my head, and a tiny girl cat called Lucy who has an unhealthy obsession with socks and carries them around like her babies. 

I’ve always been a creative type. I first picked up a camera to photograph my mad little brood, and got ‘hooked’ on capturing the joy on people’s faces. There’s no more joy anywhere than a wedding day, so weddings are my happy place.

My husband bought me my first ‘proper’ camera (along with an uncharacteristically romantic post-it note stating “My best investment x”, and the rest, as they say, is history!

I am a Harry Potter OBSESSIVE and almost constant re-read the novels. My favourite book changes like the wind, but at the moment it’s “Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire”. I think I’d be a Ravenclaw (even though Pottermore insists I’m a Hufflepuff) and I NEED a cat like Crookshanks in my life.

I believe in the power of dancing it out (Grey’s Anatomy is my guilty pleasure), honesty, kindness and always doing YOU. I love laughter- proper belly laughing, double chins everywhere, laughing til it hurts kind of laughter. I’m totally sentimental, and happy-cry at the drop of a hat. I WILL cry at something at your wedding, its pretty much guaranteed. 

Things I couldn’t live without


It has to be strong, it has to be Yorkshire (you can tek the lass outta Yorkshire, but you can’t tek Yorkshire outta t’ lass!), and it has to be in my favourite mug. No sugar please, and ideally with a biscuit or a nice slice of carrot cake.



I have a proper case of wanderlust. The whole bloody world is on my bucket list, but my next great travel plans include Japan, Lapland and Sorrento. My heart lies half in Italy, and half in New York City, and I’m almost as at home, away from home.



I’m a total music geek. I LOVE a festival (and a festival wedding!) my absolute favourite bands are Embrace, Arctic Monkeys and basically any 90s/00s indie, and although I miss proper mixtapes dearly, Spotify is life.


I have a serious Netflix addiction. I love nothing more than a lazy Sunday afternoon binge watching an epic TV series. Currently watching: Brooklyn Nine Nine, This Is Us, and anything with Tom Hardy in it!


Absolutely not just for Grannies. I am a craft nerd and crochet, knitting and sewing are my therapy. I love DIY weddings and am likely to get very excited about your crafty plans and handmade gorgeousness!


Im a total foodie. Life is far too short to be skinny. Whenever I travel, its the thing I love best- searching Trip Advisor for epic culinary destinations. But the absolute food of the gods? Peanut Butter, of course!

So how do I actually work on a wedding day?

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