Ever since I started photographing weddings, people have asked me “What would be your dream wedding to shoot?”. It got me thinking. I always love each and every wedding I am lucky enough to photograph, mainly because I focus on the love, laughs and emotions of the day, which always gives me warm fuzzies. But, there’s something special about those weird and wonderful weddings. I love quirky weddings- those brides and grooms whose ideas are a bit alternative, a bit wackya bit rock n’roll and totally fun. So I thought I’d compile a bit of a ‘Bucket List‘. A wishlist of wedding that I would just love to photograph.

If you’re reading this and planning a wedding that involves ANY of the following stuff, TELL ME ABOUT IT and I can promise you there’s an exclusive discount to be had.

I’m all about a creative challenge, so get my creative juices flowing and let’s do this! So here goes- my quirky wedding photography bucket list- and probably an insight into the workings of my crazy brain! Enjoy.

  • A New York City wedding– New York is my love, my soul, my favourite. My husband and I got engaged there, and it just fascinates and inspires me at every turn. Bonus points to couples up for exploring Brooklyn, dollar slices and riding the F train in their wedding get up!
  • A wedding in Italy. If one half of me is at home in New York, the other half is drinking wine and eating pasta in Italy. La Dolce Vita.
  • A tipi wedding. There’s just something unquestionably cool about tipis, and the couples that get married in them. (Done! Thanks so much Rach and Kevin- more though please!)
  • A geeky wedding. I am a fully fledged, cards on the table, geek/ nerd/ dork- whatever you want to call it. I would just LOVE to photograph a geeky themed wedding- Harry Potter/ Star Wars/ Disney/ Marvel/ DC/ Game of Thrones. Whatever floats your nerdy boat- I’m there.
  • A Farm Wedding- If there’s cows, sheep, donkeys or (especially) Llamas, I’ll be as happy as a pig in sh… erm, muck- sign me up. (Done!! Thanks Theresa and Tom– it was awesome! I’m always up for more- especially at Wellbeing Farm!)
  • A fairground or circus wedding– think ferris wheels, carousels, dodgems, fire breathers and big tops. So much colour and fun!
  • Unique locations – think old theatres and cinemas, tumble-down churches, aquariums, abandoned mills, any where a little bit different!
  • An elopement– there’s just something so special, romantic and exciting about a couple running off into the sunset to get married. (Done! Thanks Charlotte & Ben! If you’re eloping too, please take meeeeee!)
  • A REALLY bright coloured wedding. I’m a little bit IN LOVE with colour.
  • A tree house wedding. Just because. How magical would that be?
  • A wedding in the woods/ forest- think fairy lights, flower crowns and barefoot boho chic.
  • An exotic beach wedding. Or a moody British beach wedding come to that!
  • A wedding at a super awesome venue, like Victoria Baths, Manchester,, Holmes Mill in Clitheroe, The Eden Project in Cornwall, Meols Hall in Southport (booked for 2019- thanks Rob and Amy!) or The West Mill in Derby.

…and probably a thousand other things I’ll think of later! If you are planning any of the above, or something equally cool, please let me know– I’d love to hear about your plans. By the same token, if you’re planning something that you think belongs on my quirky wedding photography bucket list then please do get in touch… I’d love to hear from you.

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