How to create an AWESOME wedding Album

The no stress guide to album design.


So you’ve received your photos, and hopefully, you absolutely love them! But narrowing down your choices for your wedding album is proving a little bit tricky. Here’s a little bit of help from me to help make your album AWESOME!

1. Enjoy it!

Your Wedding Album is something that is going to be with you for the rest of your life. You’re going to laugh over it, cry over it, and pass it down as a family heirloom. It’s a lovely bit of gorgeousness, reminding you of your favourite wedding day memories, so it’s important to choose the pictures that mean the most to you. Choosing the pictures should be something fun, so crack out the bubbly, sit down together and relive your bloody lovely wedding day. Don’t get stressed about it, but enjoy it and have fun- I’m here to help if you need it!


2. Tell the story

When I design albums, I aim to tell your wedding day like a story. I arrange the images chronologically, including all the important bits, all the funny moments and emotional bits. I like to document the day as it happened, giving it a sense of place and I select a variety of shots from throughout the day- this will make your album flow smoothly, as if you were re-living the day all over again. Think about how you would want to remember the day in the future, and how you might describe it to someone who wasn’t there!


3. Choose the right number of shots

For a 10 spread (20 page) album- (which is what is included in my “The Whole Shebang” package)- you should aim to pick around 50 photos. Don’t choose too many, as the more you choose, the smaller the images will have to become in your album to fit them all in. I like to give your images a bit of space to have impact, and include a couple of full page images, so that it looks neat and uncluttered.

A good guide to follow is:

  • 6 – 8 getting ready shots, (split between both preps if both were covered)
  • 3 – 4 shots of guests arriving and mingling
  • Around 6 ceremony shots
  • 6 – 8 reception shots (candid shots of guests or posed groups)
  • 6-8 couples portrait shots
  • Around  6 speech shots
  • 1 or 2 first dance shots
  • Around 6 dancing shots
  • 6 detail shots
  • 6+ other shots that you love!

I know this might seem SUPER tricky when you are faced with hundreds of photos! If you would prefer me to select all of the photographs for your album, please just let me know and I would be very happy to do this, create a proof for you, and then you can edit from there. It is easier for me to choose as I can be objective, plus I design lots of albums, so am used to the process and know what works well. You will be able to proof your album online and make comments for any changes before the album is printed, so this can sometimes be easier to do than choosing them all yourself from scratch!

An extra note – when choosing photographs, I always find it is easier to choose rather than to eliminate- pick your absolute favourites first. You’ll end up with fewer pictures and they will all make you smile!


4. Include your Must-Have 10/10 shots.

Go with your heart, not your head – include the photographs that you LOVE. This is YOUR wedding album and it should hold YOUR absolute favourite images from your day. Don’t worry about other peoples expectations, or include images just because you think you ‘should’.

You already have all the images on your online gallery and perhaps on a USB. You can order prints for others to give as gifts- make the album all about you, your story, your favourite memories.

5.Add extra spreads for additional images

If you really can’t choose, you can choose add additional pages, then you can add extra images.  This is a great idea if you had lots going on at your wedding, or have lots of images you want to include. There is a small fee on additional spreads (double page), and you should choose around 5 images per extra spread- contact me for a quote.


6. Trust me!

Whilst I’m designing your album, I will try my best to fit all of your choices in. I use my judgement as a designer and occassionally, to make your album look as amazing as possible, I might leave a couple of images out, or add a couple in. You will, of course, get the final say when I send you your proof.


7. No procrastinating!

Just like any other task, the longer you leave it, the harder it will become. It’s much easier to choose your favourites for the album when the wedding is fresh in your mind.


8. Make Christmas super easy

Want to wrap Christmas pressies up now? Parents always love  a mini-replica album to remember your day too – this makes a super special gift and is a lovely idea for Christmas. See the album pricelist for a special offer on additional albums!


9. Display your Album and enjoy it!

So many people tuck their albums away, and only get them out for anniversaries. DON’T! Keep it where it can be enjoyed, like it’s meant to be! Keeping it on your coffee table, lounge bookshelf or in a drawer in the lounge so it’s always close at hand to be looked at.  Show it off when you have guests round. Make a big deal of it. It’s there to be enjoyed!


10. Print your photos too!

Speaking of showing off, why not order some prints while you’re at it? You’ll get some lovely new wall art, and will be able to enjoy looking at your wedding photos every day. Photos are made to be printed, and you can do so super-easily directly from your gallery- just ask if you need any help!