How to get AWESOME Confetti Shots

How to get AWESOME Confetti Shots

I’m often asked what my favourite part of the wedding day is to photograph. It’s a really bloody tough question to answer! I love so many bits; capturing all the fab DIY details, candid shots of your guests laughing themselves silly, getting creative with your portraits… the list goes on. But the part of the day where you’ll always find me with a big daft smile of my face is during the confetti shot. It’s got everything- laughter, chaos, tons of colour and great big smiles. I absolutely love it. So many couples tell me that their confetti shots are their absolute favourites too which makes me so happy! So, here’s a few tips to help you totally nail it, and get those awesome confetti shots on your big day.

Finding the perfect location for your awesome confetti shots

The best piece of advice I can give here, is to talk to your photographer. If the confetti shot is a must-have for your, let them know! All good photographers will have a ton of awesome ways of getting a good confetti shot, and will have ideas on the locations and backdrops that will work best. For me, I prefer a beautiful but reasonably dark backdrop if I can, so that the you guys and the confetti really pop and we get the biggest impact possible! We also need to choose somewhere easily accessible so your guests don’t need to trek too far.

It’s also worth chatting to your venue. Venues often have restrictions in place about confetti shot locations, for example, churches usually prefer them to be away from the church doors. Many venues will have a certain spot they prefer to be used, so pass this info onto your photographer, so they can work out the finer details.

Confetti size- go big or go home!

Where size of confetti is concerned, it’s like a gin and tonic- the bigger the better! Big, gorgeous chunks of colourful confetti will show up soooooo much better in photos and create that big impact we’re after. Tiny pieces of confetti can be trickier to capture, and also tend to get stuck in your hair and clothes- not great, especially if we haven’t done your portraits yet! Also, in terms of quantity, the more the merrier- this is not the place to scrimp! So make sure there’s plenty of confetti for each guest- gone are the days when they bring their own!

Choosing your colours (I think you might be able to guess my answer to this!)

So you know me by now. In my opinion the more colour the better in almost any given situation. But in this case, thinking rainbows id definitely the way to go! Bold, bright colour will always look fab in a confetti shot- punchy colours definitely have the most impact and gives a fab fun look. 

What type of confetti works best?

Personally, I bloody love tissue paper confetti. It comes in every crazy colour under the sun, is super-cheap, and because its very light, floats down slowly and prettily, giving me that little bit of extra time to nail your perfect confetti shot.There are loads of fab suppliers on Etsy and Not on the High Street- or why not make your own with a paper punch? There are so many different styles and shapes to choose from. For real wow factor, you might want to think about adding in some confetti pops or confetti canons- just for a bit of fun! 

I also adore petal confetti- it always looks fab! It is wee bit heavier though and falls a little quicker- so you might need a bit extra to get the same impact.Try Shropshire Petals or DOLLZ Confetti.  Either way, just make-sure it’s biodegradable, as many venues insist on that- plus you’ll be able to polish your halo for helping the planet. You could even go that extra mile and dry your own petals! Just rope the whole family in to make sure you have enough! There’s a fab tutorial here. 

Ready, aim, fire! Preparing your confetti for the big day. 

Firstly, make sure your guests can find it and arm themselves!! A great tip is to pop it into little boxes or bags on the ceremony chairs- make it accessible! Try to have a good handful for each guest. I will always try to get guests to throw high- because let’s be honest, no-one needs to be picking confetti out of their teeth!

OK, so you’re ready to absolutely rock your confetti shots- make sure to walk confidently with your head held high- try to resist the urge to scream or pull daft faces- don;t worry about your reactions, just relax and enjoy it and have fun!

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