Weddings are


They really are. That feeling when I get you photograph a couple who are totally in love, or your mates tearing up the dance floor, makes me all warm and fuzzy inside. It feels better than doughnuts taste. Honestly. Can the next one be yours please?

So you know a bit about me… 
(and if you don’t you can find out more here!)

…What about you?

Are you quirky, fun, and super-chilled? Do you want to say a big EFF YOU to tradition and rock your day your way? Will your day be totally devoid of cheese? (except the kind you can eat, obviously!) Are yoy totally in love with each other (but not into all that soppy crap) and just want to get married and have a big party with all your faves there?

I love people who are unashamedly themselves. No posing or pretending. No pomp and circumstance. Just fun. So if you’re all about partying like it 1999, chest bumps and necking champagne from the bottle on your wedding day,,,, 


You HATE having your picture taken.

I know you do. We all do. You WOULD NOT BELIEVE how often I hear this. I hear it from almost every couple I book. Because its totally natural. It’s normal. Until you meet me that is. Excuse me blowing my own trumpet, but I’ve been told have a knack for making you feel relaxed. We’ll chat lots and become friends first, which will make it easier. But mostly because I’ll probably say something smutty and make you laugh. I can’t help myself. And you’ll forget all about that camera fear, honest. 

"You're a bit of a ninja, you."

I’ve been told this before. I am bit sneaky when it comes to capturing the fun. You’ll never find me hiding in the shadows though- I was not made to be subtle. Instead i’ll probably be joining in with my questionable dance moves- and I’ll definitely be signing along to all your awesome tunes. I’ve also been told that I’m a bit like a guest, except with a fancy camera. I like that one the best. 

When you live & breathe weddings...

…you get to really know your stuff. I’m a bit of a dab hand with a buttonhole. I’ve usually got a safety pin when you need one. Hell, I’ve sewn a bridesmaid into her dress before now. I like to think that it’s one less thing for you to worry about, so I’m not just there to take photos- I’m there to help your day go smoothly and take some of the pressure off you. That way you can get stuck in, and party the day away worry-free. 

You’ll know I’m the photographer for you if…


  • You are planning a fun, relaxed wedding, with all the people you love the most.
  • You’ve planned your day, your way– who cares about rules and tradition?
  • You’re a little bit sentimental, and know that you want photos with soul.
  • You love bold colour and crazy creativity– the more the better!
  • You’ve spent more time choosing the food, music and vibe of your wedding than anything else
  • You don’t want to stand around posing– that’ll just spoil the party!
  • You like cats/ dogs more than most people
  • You want your photographer to be more like a friend than a supplier (though with mad ninja photo skills, obv.)