Cool London Engagement Shoot in Shoreditch

OH MY GOD. I could not be any more excited to share this London engagement shoot with you. JUST LOOK AT ALL THE COLOUR!!! I was in absolute heaven!

The amazing location- Shoreditch, in East London, is just bursting at the seams with GORGEOUS bright graffiti. I’ve been dying to shoot here for SO LONG! Charlie and Alfie, the winners of my December competition for a free Couple Shoot were totally up for all my crazy ideas and this cool London district didn’t disappoint. I really couldn’t have asked for a more perfect couple for this brilliant backdrop. Her incredible Harley Quinn inspired hair just popped against all of the cool street art. Their effortlessly cool alternative style was so perfect too!

They were brilliant fun, so loved up, and didn’t seem to mind my endless wandering and terrible map-reading skills! Alfie in particular was a little nervous about having his photo taken at first, but they both settled into it beautifully. As you can see, the results are absolutely STUNNING. I adored every second with this pair, from hunting for the coolest graffiti, to watching the Warner Brothers film set- we still haven’t worked out which movie it was!- trying to spot celebrities!


London Engagement Shoots

I love London so much. Every corner you turn around, there is something even more incredible to discover, and the mix of styles, cultures and aesthetics always fascinates me. There’s always something going on- never a dull moment. Shoreditch is the epitomy of this, with Chanel boutiques located right next door to grungy cafes, trains with faces on top of buildings, and quirky political satire emblazoning the walls at every turn. At the end of the day, my face ached of smiling at all of my fab new discoveries, as well as laughing with Alfie and Charlie- I truly had an absolute blast. Thanks so much guys!

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Giggling bride and groom on London engagement shoot with teal graffiti backdrop
Stunning spacegraffiti forms a colourful backdrop to London engagement shoot with alternative couple
Strolling down the street in Shoreditch on a couple shoot with alternative bride and groom
Urban engagement shoot in Shoreditch, London- Let's Adore and Endure Each other
Passers by during a Cool alternative engagement shoot in Shoreditch london
Will You Marry Me graffitiin Shoreditch, London- Alternative engagement shoot
Laughing couple on their Shoreditch engagement shoot with coourful graffiti backdrop
Amazing Hulk graffiti in Shoreditch London with cool alternative couple on Shoreditch engagement shoot
Alternative bride and groom to be on cool London graffiti tour engagement shoot
London engagement shoot- couple pose with pink and blue pointing hand graffiti
London EngagementShoot- bride and grrom sit under vintage cinema sign which reads "I can't help falling in love with you"
Cool alternative couple on Shoreditch engagement shoot snuggle in front of urban graffiti backdrop
A London bus passes behind a cool alternative couple on their SHoreditch engagement shoot
Bright haired bride and metalhead groom in shoreditch on alternative e-shoot
Pink backdrop with graffiti roses for London engagemy shoop couples shoot shoreditch
Cool urban graffiti in London- Quirky Shoreditch engagement shoot
Will You Marry Me Street art- London- Shoreditch alternative couples shoot
Amazing Bright haired bride on London engagement shoot
Awesome graffiti backdrop in Shoreditch, London
Amazing graffiti backdrop for London engagement shoot with cool alternative couple
Awesome teal walls and door form a perfect backdrop for this alternativecouple on their Shoreditch engagement shoot
Cool urban graffiti with alternative bride and grrom on Hoxton engagement shoot
Kissing couple during shoreditch engagement shoot
Cool couple in leather jackets, Vans and DMs with colourful hair and tattoos during Shoreditch engagement shoot with Rachel Burt Photography

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