Colourful, Festival themed barn wedding at The Normans, York

If you’re a fan of colour, fairy lights, outdoor weddings and epic parties, this colourful barn wedding at The Normans in York is definitely for you.

Every so often, a venue will absolutely WOW me. The Normans in York did just that. It is an insanely cool spot for relaxed, stylish outdoor weddings, meaning it was PERFECT for Rosie & Alex, two super-fun fashion designers with so much style it hurts. The amazing Kirsty McKenzie Photography invited me to second shoot for me at this stunning barn venue and I loved every bloody minute!

I spent the morning at groom prep with Alex and his fantastic in the most gorgeous Airbnb- the light was absolutely stunning in there, and it was the most perfect place for him to get ready. It’s such a good idea to find a gorgeous Airbnb for prep- they are often far more spacious than a hotel room and have far better lighting and decor! Alex’s outfit was planned to perfection with a stunning tweed jacket and the most awesome hat- I love a stylish groom. The tunes were absolutely belting too, starting the day as they meant to go on- Alex and Rosie are big music fans and met clubbing before travelling the world together to party- so naturally the whole day was a crazy party from start to finish!

The ceremony was held in front of a gorgeous backdrop of twinkly lights, with Rosie in an incredible bespoke gown she designed herself and the most incredible statement necklace. The stunning bridesmaids wore palm print dresses which were designed and made by Alex- I mean how clever are these two please?! Their reception was themed around the amazing festivals and clubs this awesome pair had visited together, so naturally we knew that the dance floor would be jumping all night long- but we couldn’t possibly have predicted the caliber of this party- I mean there were some serious moves! The atmosphere was absolutely incredible- I couldn’t help myself joining in! I can’t wait to show you the fun dance floor shots I captured- enjoy!! If you are planning a fun, colourful party wedding and are looking for a photographer to party with you, I’m your girl. Be sure to get in touch!


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