A Quirky Edinburgh Engagement Shoot at National Museums, Scotland

So, what do you when you’ve planned an Edinburgh engagement shoot, and the weather (in JUNE, I might add!!) decides that it’s going to be BIBLICAL? We’re talking crazy wind, torrential rain, and freezing temperatures. In June. Well, when you’re cool like Sophie & Owen, you make other AWESOME plans.

We spent a fabulous afternoon exploring The National Museum of Scotland in Edinburgh, enjoying the incredible architecture and exhibits. The museum was the location of Sophie and Owen’s fifth date, where, in their own words, the both realised they were “as weird as each other”. The museum was the perfect location for being wonderfully weird together and get to know each other- mutual weirdness forever!

The museum gave us so many opportunities fore super fun photos, exploring the weird and wonderful exhibits. I particularly loved the space and Scotland exhibits- so beautiful! The museum has an amazing roof terrace too, with a stunning panoramic view of Edinburgh, so of course we had to brave the rain at the end of the shoot and make the most of it! The museum was such a fascinating space, it is definitely on my list of places to explore the next time I’m in Edinburgh!

These two were so cute together and totally in love, making my job super easy. They also were totally up for my ad ideas which definitely helped! I always love Engagement shoots, as they’re a great opportunity to get to know each other and have a laugh- it means that on the wedding day, you’ll already be totally comfortable around me, which makes for great photos! This lovely pair get married next year, on the beautiful Isle of Harris, and I can’t wait!

If you have an idea for an unusual location for an Engagement Shoot, let me know. I’ll be there with bells on! A huge thank you so much to The National Museum of Scotland for their kind permission for this Edinburgh engagement shoot, and to their excellent friendly staff too! Enjoy the photos!

Photography- Rachel Burt Photography
Venue- The National Museum of Scotland


Rachel Burt Photography

Hey! I'm Rach- a craft nerd, serial Netflix binging, tea-o-holic, peanut butter loving, music geek who loves to travel. I’m also a kick-ass documentary wedding photographer who loves quirky, relaxed couples who like to do things differently. I love colourful weddings and non-traditional couples planning their day, their way.
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