Thinking about Postponing?

Here’s everything you need to know!

A little note from Me…

Hello my lovelies! So here we are in a new year, and covid is still rearing its ugly head.Ugh. I can’t believe we’re still in this boat!

I just wanted to say, I am super hopeful beyond hope that the vaccine roll out/ faster testing means your wedding will go ahead as planned with a ton of happy, dancing drunkards and lots of fun and laughter.

However, I also appreciate that we are in a time of some uncertainty right now, and it’s starting to feel a bit crappy that we don’t know what the world might look like by the time your wedding comes around. Obviously we can’t know what restrictions will be in place, so I wanted to get in touch, let you know I’m thinking of you, and let you know that I’m always here if you need a sounding board or want to chat. The best thing you can do is to stay in touch with me, your venue and your suppliers to we can make a plan together- no need to stress on your own!

With that in mind, I know some of you may be wanting to put a plan B in place in the not too distant future and would probably appreciate me laying out what would happen from my point of view if you chose to postpone, book in a plan B date, or marry now and party later. So here it is! Grab a cuppa, gin or beer (if you’ve not drunk the house dry at this stage) and have a good read!

My Availability

Ok, so if you do need to postpone, or book in a back up date, I want to make things as easy as possible for you, so I’ve created a calendar to share my availability with you. Hopefully this will give you an idea of dates to cross-reference with your venue(s) and other suppliers.

Dates which I have already booked up with weddings or personal events will show as ‘BOOKED’. I’ll be honest, Saturdays in 2021 and summer 2022 are already few and far between, but I do have Fridays and Sundays available, and plenty of weekdays. I will keep this calendar as up-to-date as possible, but do check with me before you confirm anything, just to make sure!

What are my options?

So you’re worried about how Covid-19 might affect your day, but you’re not sure what to do? There are lots of options and plans you can put in place.

1) Make a Plan B

If you’re not sure whether your wedding can go ahead, but you’re not totally ready to postpone just yet, lets make a Plan B. Whether that’s reducing numbers, to fit with government guidelines, or having a back up date, lets chat. I’m happy to pencil in a date for you whilst you make your minds up free of charge. Then, if another couple wanted to book your date, I would give you first refusal 🙂

2) Wait it out

There is absolutely no harm in waiting and seeing. I’ve had couples rearrange their dates, or reducing their numbers with one or two days notice, so it can certainly be done! The restrictions in place (or hopefully lack thereof!) can change at any time, so I will totally support you if you want to hold out. 

3) Marry Now, Party Later!

If you really want to be married already, why not plan a small ceremony on your original date with a small number of close family and friends, and a big party later when Covid has finally done one? I’m super happy to split your booked hours or amend your package to cover both events!

4) Postpone

So maybe you hate the not knowing, or you know you want a big party and don’t want to take the risk of more Covid restrictions. That’s totally fine too! I’m happy to transfer your booking fee to another date. Within 2021, this will be free of charge. If you need to postpone to 2022, there will be a small admin charge to cover the increase in my package prices. I haven’t increased my packages since 2018 and obviously my business has been hit hard in 2020, so this is an unfortunate but necessary step I have had to take, to ensure my little business weathers this storm. 

If you decide to postpone, aim to get a handful of possible dates from your venue and check them against my calendar, then message me to make sure I’m still available. The more potential dates you have, the more chance there is of retaining all of your suppliers 🙂 

Whatever you decide, make sure to keep in touch and keep an eye on my availability calendar. I’m here to support you every step of the way. 






What if you're not free on our date?

If you’ve already postponed and I’m not available, or we’ve tried and tried can’t find a date which works, then we do have secret option number 5… I can provide an associate shooter. That means another fab photographer friend would shoot your wedding on my behalf. It would be someone I know and trust, who I’m sure can do an amazing job. They would transfer the images to me, and I would then edit them all in my signature style, and deal with all of the communication. It means I can still be there in spirit, and you still get photos you love! 

What dates work best for you if we postpone?
With so many postponements set to take place, it means the wedding industry are finding ourselves losing a lot of work for another year, after a devastating 2020. We are really worried what this will mean for our businesses. Not only has a large portion of our income been affected this year, we’re set to lose more work for this year too.

If you are in a position to rearrange your date on a non-peak date, or a mid-week wedding, I would so grateful. I understand this is your day and you want to have it happen the way you always imagined, so I will happily do anything I can to make that happen, but It would just be very much appreciated if you could manage to find an off peak date you’re happy with. 🙂

What if we have Covid/ have to quarantine on our wedding day?
Just let me know as early as you can- we’ll talk and put a plan in place for when you’re feeling better/ out of quarantine.
What happens if you become ill/ have to quarantine?
I have a large network of talented photographer friends who I would call to for help in an emergency, for example if I was to contract Covid or had to quarantine. They would shoot the wedding on my behalf and I would edit and communicate with you. Obviously if I was to be ill, this might impact image delivery times, but I would aim to keep in contact and keep you updated.
What if our wedding day falls under a period of Lockdown?
ln this event I will contact you and we’ll chat! I completely understand that this would be very disappointing for both of you. Assuming that you still want to arrange a new date once the quarantine is lifted, I will be happy to transfer your wedding photography booking to your new wedding date – provided that I am available. Please keep in regular contact with me so we can find a date that works for everyone.
What if we choose to cancel rather than postpone?
Hopefully there’s a date within the calendar that will work for all of your suppliers, but If you choose to move to a date where I am not free then your contract would be cancelled and I would cry into my brew. So let’s try not to let that happen eh? Salty tea is the worst.

If your wedding could legally go ahead, but you are choosing to cancel, normal cancellation policies will apply- please see your contract.

If your wedding could not legally take place, and you choose not to rearrange your date, your contract will be cancelled and any money paid over and above the booking fee will be refunded. The booking fee will be retained as per your contract to cover all administrative fees and other costs. Thanks for understanding!

I hope that all helps! If you have any other questions at all, or you want to chat about your options, just give me a shout by email, text or phone on 07432262235 and we’ll go through everything.

As I say, I remain HUGELY positive (and will cross EVERYTHING!) that things will be okay towards summer- this is very much a ‘just in case’ scenario, but it’s always best to plan for the worst and hope for the best. 2020 has tested all of us, so let’s hope 2021 pulls it’s socks up a bit, eh?!

Please do keep in touch and let me know if you are considering a move- we are all in this together, and we will all do our absolute best to make sure you have the wedding you want. I for one can’t wait to party with you!

With all the 2021 love, virtual hugs & relentless optimism,

Rach xxx