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CHECK OUT THIS FUN & COLOURFUL wedding in a victorian swimming pool!

Sarah and Janine got married at Victoria Baths, which is hands down, my favourite quirky wedding venue in Manchester. It was such a fun day and I absolutely loved being part of it- thank you so much to Lucy Little Photography for asking me along to second shoot! This incredible, fun and colourful Victoria Baths Manchester wedding was a dream to shoot- I mean where else can you get married in the deep end of a Victorian swimming pool!- and I can’t wait to share it with you!

Victoria Baths, Manchester- an awesome quirky venue!

This stunning building was built in 1906 but was closed to the public in 1993 and tragically, fell into disrepair, and was almost demolished! After appearing on a BBC programme and following lots and lots of campaigning and fundraising, it was brought back from the brink, and the fabulous venue have been raising money for its continued restorations ever since. They hold open days, hire it out for use on TV shows (who spotted it on Peaky Blinders??) and even hold occasional swimming sessions, refilling the beautiful old pools for its original use! Amazing! I CANNOT TELL YOU how much I love this building!

The beautiful stained glass windows and gorgeous green tiles, make me absolutely swoon each and every time I see them and you can’t help but fall in love with the buildings character- plus I think it might be the most photogenic building ever! That light! The central pool, which Sarah and Janine used for their reception and dance floor, is just the most incredible party space, trimmed with fabulous green and white bunting (to complement THOSE TILES) and overlooked by the stunning and absolutely “Well Loved” light up sign. I could go on, but I’ll try to reign it in!! Back to Sarah and Janine!

The Ceremony

The ceremony was absolutely beautiful and so emotional. It was held in one of Victoria Baths stunning Gala pool, and during the ceremony they read their own vows. It was really just gorgeous. The room is still lined with the incredible turquoise changing rooms in all their glory, which I just loved. The reception was delicious amazing sharing picnic baskets on long tables which worked so well when eating in a Victorian swimming pool! The atmosphere is always incredible at Victoria Baths– I love this venue because it has so much character and the most incredible dreamy light. Just sooooo beautiful.

The Brides! Same Sex wedding photography at Victoria Baths

Both brides wore stunning dresses which complemented their individual styles perfectly. They were so in love and there were lots of tearful moments (Lucy and I did joke that they might fill the pool back up again if they weren’t careful!) but lots of laughter and hugs too. Just perfect.

The Party

After some incredibly beautiful and emotional speeches, the dancing began! I loved the crazy moves, flossing competitions and arm wrestling! So good! One of the many amazing features of Victoria Baths is the amount of space it offers- perfect for party weddings! I also loved that as the bubbles and beers flowed, that all of the profits from the bar go straight back into the continued renovation of the building, which is just such a great touch. As Lucy and I left, the party continued long into the night! Lots more Victoria Baths wedding please!

Planning your Victoria Baths wedding?

I would LOVE to be there! I If you’re planning a wedding at Victoria Baths, get in touch! I would absolutely love to chat to you about your amazing plans. Also, if you’re looking for more quirky Manchester wedding venues, check out my blog post of the most awesome Manc places to get married here!

All photos taken second shooting for the very lovely Lucy Little Photography

Venue – http://www.victoriabaths.org.uk/

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