First look for gorgeous bride and groom wearing stunning sunflowers at their festival wedding- festival wedding photographer

Fun, colourful festival wedding with hand-fasting ceremony- Wedfest Wedding Photographer

Are you planning a festival wedding? Looking for a wedding with a chilled Glastonbury vibe and lashings of colour? Then you HAVE TO see this.
Nova and Jack planned the most AMAZING festival wedding- complete with hundreds of metres of bunting, beautiful sunflower crowns and their very own chill-out tent. I mean- WOW. With all the colour and all the feels, incredible handmade decor, and all of their friends and family camping out for the weekend and pitching in to help bring the couple’s vision to life, it was an absolutely mind-blowing day. My face still aches from smiling.
Just like Glastonbury itself, despite the weeks of sweat-your-knickers-off sunshine we’d had for the previous month, we had pretty much every kind of weather possible on the day. From torrential rain storms, to stormy winds, glorious sunshine and beautiful rainbows, we had it all, and were even spoiled with the most glorious golden hour light. But Nova and Jack barely even noticed. The took the whole thing in their stride and smiled all day long.
The lovely pair met just before they graduated from Sheffield University, and almost immediately knew it was forever (they’re just the cutest, right?). Before long, they had set off to travel the world together, and their travels were a big part of their wedding- I loved all of the ethnic fabrics, drapes and parasols that decorated their sperry tent with colour and texture. I’m a total fabric geek, being a big crafter so I was in heaven! It was so beautiful and personal to them.
Nova arrived to the amazing field at Barn Farm on a chaise-longue fashioned out of sofa-cushions, in a trailer on the back of a tractor, driven by her step father. Her sister and bridesmaids accompanied her and har mum (who had the most amazing sunflower themed outfit and the best dance moves ever) followed behind. Quite an entrance! Their gorgeous hand-fasting ceremony was beautifully personal too, with so many funny moments, singing, dancing, a Harry Potter themed reading and more than a few tears shed!
I ADORED their DIY decor, from the stunning masses of beautifully crafted colourful bunting to the super-cute hand-painted signs, it was an absolute feast for the eyes. The whole family pitched in to help, which I LOVE. Nova looked absolutely stunning in her beautiful beaded dress (can you believe it was from Phase Eight?) and INCREDIBLE flower crown, which really added to the festival feel and I bloody loved that Jack matched his socks to his yellow bow tie! The pair absolutely oozed love for each other and were a  dream to photograph. I mean just look at them!
The wedding had so many fabulous festival touches- including crazy dancing in the rain to a superb Steel Band including the  most beautiful hand-painted ice-cream van I have ever seen. The day ended with a hog roast, jacket potatoes, a glorious campfire and lots of sparklers, accompanied of course by lots of drink and lots of partying. The absolute perfect festival wedding. How can this be work? I bloody love my job!!
Ice Cream- Bluebell Events

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Hey! I'm Rach- a craft nerd, serial Netflix binging, tea-o-holic, peanut butter loving, music geek who loves to travel. I’m also a kick-ass documentary wedding photographer who loves quirky, relaxed couples who like to do things differently. I love colourful weddings and non-traditional couples planning their day, their way.
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