What Happens if it Rains on My Wedding Day? | Top Tips for Embracing a Rainy Wedding!

It’s like RAAAAIIIIIINNNNNNNN on your Wedding Day….

Well, it turns out that Alanis wasn’t being as ironic as she thought. Unfortunately, here in good old Blighty, we kind of have to learn to expect the inevitable. Rain. Wedding day or not, summer, winter, autumn or spring, it might well pour down! In fact, 2019 was probably my rainiest wedding season ever. It is probably one of my most asked questions: “But, what if it rains on our wedding day?

It’s a totally legitimate worry, and let’s be honest, looking out of your bedroom window on the morning of your wedding to see puddles and drizzle is going to make even the most chilled couple feel a little bit pissed off. But don’t despair! In fact, get excited. Because rain on your wedding day can be totally cool. Here’s five reasons why you should get super excited if it rains on your wedding day! 



5 Reasons Why Rain on your Wedding Day is Awesome


1) It’s Lucky!

Rain on your wedding day is said to be good luck for a long-lasting marriage! According to Hindu traditions, a knot that becomes wet is extremely hard to untie – therefore, when you “tie the knot” on a rainy day, your marriage is supposedly just as hard to undo! 

2) Pretty, soft light

If you let a photographer talk about light for more than a minute (I wouldn’t, we get all obsessive and its kinda dull!) they’ll tell you that soft, overcast light is beautiful to shoot in. It’s kind of like a natural beauty filter; super flattering. 


3) Gorgeous skies

As much as I love a bright blue, beautiful sky, there’s something pretty incredible about a dramatic rainy one too. I mean look at those clouds out on Stanage Edge! 

4) It’s Intimate Indoors

So, it might be Plan B, but sometimes bringing indoors can mean everyone is nice and close and cosy. It can be a great opportunity to catch up and chat to your guests. 

5) Umbrellas!

So, you can totally rock an umbrella on your wedding day. White or clear brolleys are great options, as they don’t cast a colour in your photos. But fun, colourful ones are TOTALLY an option too! If your guests are walking to your reception venue, it’s a great idea to have some umbrellas for them too (hit the pound shops!). One of my favourite wedding moments of 2019 was Genevieve and Matt’s brass band procession through the rainy streets of Liverpool, complete with a sea of clear umbrellas. Absolute magic! 


Ok, I know I said 5. But…. RAINBOWS. I mean, just look how pretty!  

My top tips for rocking your rainy wedding

So you’re convinced that rain on your wedding day is exciting now right? Well maybe convinced is pushing it a bit. But if the heavens open just as you say I do, there are so many ways you can absolutely make it work. Sure, you might need to change your vision and be a little bit flexible, but there’s absolutely no need to panic! A good photographer (ahem, like me 🙂 ) will be able to help you make your day just as awesome. So here’s my top tips for rocking your rainy wedding! 

  • Embrace the rain

    Ok, so I know this is easier said than done, but the absolute BEST advice I can give you, is to embrace the rain. Get out in it, dance in it, enjoy every second. You can wear wellies, you can hike your dress up…  go barefoot and jump in puddles like Peppa Pig. Embrace it. You only get married once!

    As my past bride’s will tell you. one of my catchphrases is “If your dress doesn’t get dirty, you didn’t have enough fun.” So go and have fun like your life depends on it!

  • Plan Ahead

    The British are great at a wet weather plan. Your wedding should be no exception! Be prepared for anything, weather can change at any minute so just take your wedding day as it comes. 

    Outdoor ceremonies are A-MAAAAA-ZING, but they can be a bit miserable in the rain, especially for your Granny, so make sure that you have an indoor option to use in emergencies- it’s a great question to ask your wedding co-coordinator or venue manager. As well as umbrellas as I mentioned earlier, it’s a good idea to pack spare shoes, and a jacket, just in case! You don’t want to ruin those gorgeous wedding shoes (unlike the dress you can wear those babies again!!). 

    You could even consider hiring in help– companies like www.brollybucket.co.uk hire out brolleys, blankets and hay-bale covers. 


  • Be flexible

    I don’t mean practising your yoga (oh god, I’m sorry, I can’t hold the Dad jokes in!). It’s important in general to be flexible and go with the flow. Best laid plans are all well and good, but sometimes. plans will go awry, timings will change and timelines might need a little wiggle. This is especially true if the heavens open. Don’t be afraid to switch up your timeline. We can nip out for short bursts of photos, rather than a longer session. I’ll help you (I even have an app!) to work out times when we can best take advantage of a break in the clouds, or when that dramatic sky will be on point.

     I’m also excellent at herding guests to where they need to be in the event of a last minute change of plan. So don’t sweat the small stuff… it’s part of my job to take on that stress for you!

    • Get Your Tribe Working

    So you’ve picked the most amazing bridal party- they can totally help too! Be that carrying a brolly, showing your guests to a place of shelter, or making you down a shot so that you forget all about the drizzle, they’ll be there for you!

    I’ve even known bridesmaid run off to Poundland on the morning of the wedding, still with their floral dressing gowns on and curlers in, to get more umbrellas. They are your crew- no ask is too big on your wedding day!  

    • Avoid the Forecast 

      Until, at the most one week before the wedding, avoid the weather forecast. Long range forecasts are at best, inaccurate, and at worst, absolute bollocks. So just steer clear. Even a week out, they are best taken with a pinch of salt, and won’t change the outcome.


    •  Trust Your Photographer

      When I arrive at your venue, I’m scouting locations from the outset. The best places to take family group shots indoors if it rains. The spot by the window that has gorgeous natural light. The little nook that will be just perfect for indoor couple shots.

      Don’t let the rain stress you out, smile, and focus on enjoying your day. Sure, you might have had your heart set on a certain sunny shot, but that stormy one might be even better. As a wedding photographer, I’ve experienced this exact situation time and time again, and I  have oodles of rainy wedding day shots up my sleeve! I will almost always be able to scout out sheltered spots, so relax and know you’re in safe hands!

    • And finally… Just Get Soaked!

    Sometimes the best way option is to just drop the brollies and dance in the rain. Once you’ve got all the important bits out of the way, and just just want to get crazy and have some ‘you time’, there’s nothing wrong with just embracing the downpour and having fun with it. If you’re up for it, I’m right there with you!

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